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  "THE CENTRIFUGE BRAIN PROJECT" in the Animation Show of Shows with Ron Diamond

Every year Ron Diamond travels to film festivals all over the world and selects around 10 films for this travelling show, which is shown in almost all major animation studios, besides universities and other venues. In November 2012 Till Nowak joined Ron for a part of the tour to travel one week around San Francisco, attending screenings of the Animation Show of Shows. The screenings happen in the screening rooms of the companies or universities, for example in Pixars or ILMs own perfectly equipped theatre and the audience contains high caliber animators, producers, etc.

Nowak says: "I have been travelling to the most exciting film festivals with my shortfilms, but finally participating in Ron Diamonds Animation Show of Shows was one of the best experiences I had during all these years. Not only is it great fun, but it is also a very exclusive chance to get an inside view of all the big studios, make connections on a personal level and visit the places of my dreams. I could hardly imagine a more valuable and exciting opportunity for an animator. Thank you, Ron."

Travelling around San Francisco with fantastic host and animation curator Ron Diamond.

The Animation Show of Shows screening at San Jose State University.

Visiting old friends at Lucasfilm

Pixar from outside...

...and inside

Fascinating models at Phil Tippet studio