In May 2006 Till Nowak travelled with Matthias Hornschuh (Composer) and Daniel Seideneder (Director) to the Filmfestival de Cannes to present DELIVERY within the "Next Generation 2006" screenings organized by German Films.

Footoshooting on Cannes Beach: The Crews of the "Next Generation 2006" selected short films


Till Nowak and Daniel Seideneder on the arte boat. Till Nowak, Daniel Seideneder and
the guys from Digiwaxx Media

Till Nowak, Matthias Hornschuh, Stefan Müller (Animator) and Jan Köster (Animator)  Ulf Groote, Till Nowak, Jan Köster

Cannes Red Carpet Action

Daniel Seideneder, Matthias Hornschuh