written and produced by Till Nowak. The surreal story about an old man and the mysterious box has been screened at more than 200 filmfestivals worldwide and won more than 35 international awards.

In a grey, industrial and uninhabited future, an old man lovingly waters a flower, perhaps the last flower to exist. In his home, across from a factory spewing gas, noise and bad vibrations, the vision of which constantly reminds him that the world isn‘t what it was, the man caringly tends the flower because he knows it‘s his last hope. Unexpectedly, he receives a surprising package that could change the world, at least his world, and perhaps a little more. A surrealistic fable on the world to come, the portrayal of a corrupt society infested by machines, that has forgotten the human being, a future in which there is still place for hope: flowers can grow again. (Text by Carlos Plaza) 

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  • 2008   Best debut, TINDIRINDIS International Animation Festival in Vilnius
  • 2008   Best Animation , PEDRERA Short Film Festival, Uruguay
  • 2007   Best shortfilm Méliès d'Argent, Fantasy & Horror Film Festival, San Sebastian
  • 2007   Jury Award Best Animation, ICON international film festival, Israel
  • 2007   Audience Award Best Animation, ICON international film festival, Israel
  • 2007   Best Animation STEPS right protection film festival, Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2007   Best Animation CRESTED BUTTE REEL FEST
  • 2007   Jury's special award 58th Intl. Short Film Festival Montecatini, Italy
  • 2007   Juror Choice Award ASU FILM FESTIVAL, USA
  • 2007   Best shortfilm ANIMABASAURI3, SPAIN
  • 2007   Best animation DURANGO FILM FESTIVAL, USA
  • 2007   Winner of FÖRDERPREIS FÜR JUNGE KÜNSTLER des Landes NRW
  • 2007   Best animation CAPALBIO CINEMA, ITALY
  • 2007   Best Animation TORONTO Fantasy Worldwide Film Festival, Canada
  • 2006   Best Animation SEDONA Film Festival, USA
  • 2006   Excellence in Filmmaking SEDONA Film Festival, USA
  • 2006   Winner of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Kurzfilmpreis, Germany
  • 2006   Best Shortfilm (audience) PRAGUE Shortfilm Festival, Czech Republic
  • 2006   Best Animation Prix du Conseil General, Festival Pontault-Combault, France
  • 2006   audience award Hamburg Animation Award, Germany
  • 2006   Best Animation SEHSÜCHTE, Germany
  • 2006   Best Short BUDAPEST Anifest, Hungary
  • 2006   Winner of Victory Arts International Competition, USA
  • 2006   Best Animation MONTERREY Film Festival, Mexico
  • 2006   Winner of the MEDITERRANEAN ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD by the United Nations
  • 2006   Best Animation TEHERAN shortfilm festival, Iran
  • 2006   Best first film ANNECY, France
  • 2005   Best Shortfilm BERGISCHES FILMFEST, Germany
  • 2005   Best Shortfilm OFFF Barcelona, Spain
  • 2005   Best student animation goEast Festival, Germany
  • 2005   Best Shortfilm PRIX UIP, Belgium
  • 2005   Best short (Audience award) AFI FEST, Hollywood
  • 2005   Best short (Jury award) AFI FEST, Hollywood
  • 2001   Debitel Media Design Award, Berlin