THE EXPERIENCE OF FLIEHKRAFT is a series of seven fictitious construction plans of physically impossible amusement rides in combination with seven short video clips. The construction plans are available as an individually treated edition of prints, with a limitation of 5 (+ 3 a.e.). [ read more ]

The amusement rides are caricatures of civilisation. In todays fun parks people are centrifuged by gigantic robots - an expression of our desire to escape. We humans are constantly looking for bigger, better, faster solutions to satisfy our desires, but we never arrive at a limit - it's an endless search. The seven plans are purely fictional, they are a montage from Nowaks carousel designs mixed with pieces of real plans.

THE EXPERIENCE OF FLIEHKRAFT won an honorary mention at ARS ELECTRONICA 2011 in Linz, Austria. The project was exhibited in the Seoul international media art biennale 2012 in Seoul, Korea, at Transmediale Berlin 2012 and other exhibitions.

This fine arts project is related to the award winning shortfilm THE CENTRIFUGE BRAIN PROJECT by Till Nowak, which is a fictitious portrait of the science behind these inventions.

Seoul Museum of Art, Korea