In 2006 Till Nowak created the image "Salad" as a tribute to the fantastic biomechanical creations of H.R. Giger and the vegetable portraits of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

The image became a viral sensation on the internet and and led to a friendship and multiple creative collaborations between Till Nowak, HR Giger and Giger’s agent Leslie Barany. They worked together on several projects, including the shortfilm “The Centrifuge Brain Project”, starring Leslie Barany as Dr. Nick Laslowicz.

“Salad” contains several twisted connections between our cultural past and present. The veggie monster combines the 500 years old vegetable creations of Giuseppe Arcimboldo with the more recent surrealistic creatures of H.R. Giger. At the same time it combines the components of a classical oil painting with todays digital techniques. A common aspect of Till Nowaks work is the inversion of the spectators point of view. Here it is reflected by wholesome vegetables in the role of a bloodthirsty creature. Maybe we can recognize ourselves in this ironical portrait of our society as humans acting like wolves in a sheep`s clothing. We are so well off that we ignore the fact that we also live in a world in which people die of hunger and bloodshed through famine and war on a daily basis.